As with many sports, running is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical test of strength and fitness. Competitive runners are faithful to their daily work out routine while their mind stays focused on the long term goal ahead. They have developed the ability to remain positive and stay focused even under pressure and physical challenge. When it comes to building relationships with customers, ChemRite’s sales team is focused on developing long term, enduring partnerships. Like a runner, this takes a commitment to achieving the goal over an extended period of time. When ChemRite was looking to expand its sales department, we searched for an individual with the motivation to guide our customers through each step of the manufacturing process and help them to their end goal. We are pleased to have found such a dedicated team member in our new Sales Representative, David Schauer.

David was born in Wahiawa, Hawaii. His father was a dentist in the service and was stationed on the beautiful island of Oahu until David was four years old. David’s parents were originally from Wisconsin, so the family eventually returned to their home state and settled in the city of Fond du Lac. From an early age, David enjoyed sports and science. He was fascinated by learning how things work and spent hours playing with chemistry kits and taking apart radios. He also developed a strong work ethic. He began saving for college when he was 16 by working at a local retail store and took some jobs in construction. All of his hard work paid off. He graduated from UW Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Science degree, double major in business and science.

After college, David accepted a position in sales support for a manufacturer and private labeler of specialty chemicals and wet wipes. As a customer contact representative for the company, Dave focused on assisting with brand development, trouble shooting and technical support. This required him to have a firm understanding of the company’s existing product line and their product development process. So he spent six months working in the R&D lab, gaining a practical background in surfactant chemistry. He also worked closely with the company’s art department on package and label design projects. Within five years, the company noted Dave’s skill and dedication and promoted him to the position of Sales Manager. His responsibilities included the training and oversight of 15 sales representatives, as well as traveling and working with new accounts.

In time, David went on to work for a private brand packager of architectural coatings. He joined the company as their Marketing Director and was asked to build an internal marketing department from the ground up. He gathered a team of three skilled professionals and formed a detailed marketing plan to meet the company’s long term goals. Initially the team focused on creating print media for direct mail and trade publications. As new technologies arose they grew into web design, content development and video production. David’s team supplied marketing support for their company and the private label brands of their customers. The position involved a large amount of project management as David helped key accounts develop their product line, introduce products to the marketplace and assist with their continuing needs.

Earlier this year, David noticed that ChemRite CoPac was looking to expand its sales department. When he arrived at ChemRite for an interview, ChemRite’s management team was impressed with David’s wide range of experience within our industry and his focus on customer support. They could easily see that his approach is in line with the company’s core value of maintaining integrity in business. As ChemRite’s owner stated, “ChemRite is a performance team and David fits the profile of a performance team member”. David was hired as ChemRite’s Sales Representative in March and has already proven to be an excellent complement to ChemRite’s Sales Manager, Todd Plier. They will be working together to provide increased support to our valued customers.

David and his wife Kristin have been married for 19 years. The couple has two daughters, Elizabeth who is 17 and Margaret who is 16. Elizabeth will be a senior in high school in the fall and is active in the academic decathlon, loves music and has an interest in politics. Margaret will be attending her junior year and is also involved in the academic decathlon. In fall she runs for her school’s cross country team and in spring runs for the track team, recently competing at state. The sport is something she shares with her dad. The two regularly run together and compete in 5K-10K races. On his own, Dave has participated in biathlons and triathlons. In the winter months, he is an avid cross country skier. He skis in the American Birkebeiner, the largest cross country ski marathon in North America, each year. The active family also enjoys spending summer months water skiing and wake boarding together.

Running is a combination of balancing short term and long term goals. Competitive runners look forward to a race, but also enjoy the runs that get them there. At ChemRite, our dedicated sales team will not only help you achieve your manufacturing goals, they will also help you enjoy the process along the way. If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to meet the newest member of this dedicated team, David Schauer. ChemRite CoPac – come and see how our employees set us apart.

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