Customized Solutions

No two products are exactly alike. At ChemRite CoPac, the heart of our business lies in solving formulation and/or packaging needs. We do it every day for large and small companies alike. While customers may initially come to ChemRite because a product does not fit their existing production capabilities, the value added services ChemRite offers – including customized solutions - has kept them coming back again and again.

We strategically limit the number of customers we work with in order to provide a personalized contract manufacturing experience. Our team works closely with your company to understand your objectives, production needs and challenges. This collaboration results in a custom manufacturing solution uniquely designed to fit your product.

ChemRite’s customizable solutions include:

  • Price Structure
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Production Support
  • Challenging Timelines

Price Structure

Whether you choose to purchase production materials through your own trusted vendors or you would like to outsource material procurement to ChemRite’s network of quality vendors, we have you covered. Our toll, modified toll and turnkey project price structures give you the flexibility to find the best fit for your project.

Manufacturing Services

ChemRite’s team can work from concept development through final production or provide blending, packaging and delivery of your current formula at the right price. We can also help your product leave a good first impression by assisting with new product introductions. You choose how much product support you want and ChemRite will provide the specific services you’ve chosen at an outstanding value.

Production Support

ChemRite’s production facility is configured for flexibility. Our experienced technicians are experts at production line change-overs and are able to fabricate many of our own change parts for optimum line versatility. Additionally, we have built custom fill lines to meet unique customer requirements. This means that even if your project has an unusual package design, ChemRite can provide the ideal production equipment for optimum efficiency.

Challenging Timelines

ChemRite is a trusted partner for companies who face the demands and pressures of rapid turn-around requirements. We realize that communication is critical in tight deadline situations, so we provide customers direct access to key decision makers. Our purchasing specialists are experts at procuring materials to meet tight production timelines. Within 48 hours of placing an order, you will receive a production date confirmation. And because we are a “ship-as-we-make” facility, in many cases your product can be scheduled for delivery the same day it is made. ChemRite’s custom solution to market demands will include your product on time, with consistently high quality at a competitive cost.