Production Lines

ChemRite’s customer commitment has driven us to configure our production facility for flexibility. Each piece of production equipment was designed to be easily modified. Our skilled engineers can fabricate change parts and design a custom production line tailored to your product.


Our fillers bear the names of companies who hold a reputation for outstanding quality such as Oden and MRM Elgin. We recently invested in a one of a kind Pacific filler which sets the bar in terms of flexibility, speed and quality. ChemRite’s filling machines range from 6 to 24 heads and effortlessly handle very thin, watery products or formulas which are thick and creamy. Line speeds well in excess of 100 bpm can be achieved, based on the product type and package size.

Closure Equipment

ChemRite is experienced at running continuous thread closures, sprayers and pumps of all sizes and varieties. Our pass through cappers automatically place and accurately torque closures for any bottle type or shape. Threaded, non-threaded, snap on and custom closures are attached according to your specifications, protecting your product for consumer use.


Accurate label placement is essential for the aesthetics of your package. ChemRite’s multi-orientation labelers provide reliable placement for two sided, three sided and wrap-around labels. Our stepper motor drive labelers offer enhanced label stop and an exceptional +/- 1/32 inch placement accuracy.

Specialty Pack Outs

ChemRite’s packaging facility is also capable of handling specialty pack outs such as display kits, hang tags, and promotional attachments. In many cases, customers appreciate how this service saves them valuable time and money from needing to hire an additional facility to do the pack out.

Production Line Features*

  • Clean Room Production Line Availability
  • “Lego” Style Production Equipment
  • Rotary Pressure Gravity Overflow Fillers
  • Volumetric Fillers
  • Piston and Mass Weight Fillers
  • “Custom Run” Filler
  • Straight, Curved or Elongated Seal Tube Filler
  • 8-Spindle Pass Through Cappers
  • Stepper Driven Labelers
  • Ink Jet Coders
  • Custom Change Part Capable
  • Bottle Fill Sizes: From .3 ounces to 160 ounces
  • Tube Fill Sizes: From ¼ ounce to 14 ounces

*For more information on ChemRite’s packaging capabilities, please visit our Packaging webpage.