Certifications & Compliance

At ChemRite, we adhere to nationally accepted quality standards for contract manufacturing. We have developed our own internal compliance program to ensure our protocols meet or exceed regulatory requirements and industry standards on a daily basis. The ChemRite Quality Program coincides with federal regulations contained in Section 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

In addition, the Quality Program includes an essential safety control process. ChemRite maintains a Compliance Director on staff who works with an industrial hygienist and OSHA consultants to enforce federal safety regulations. We have developed an extensive safety training program. All employees are required to complete safety training before they begin working at ChemRite and are re-trained at regular intervals throughout their employment. Safety training is for the protection of our staff and the products we produce.

ChemRite’s certifications include:

  • FDA Regulated
  • EPA Registered
  • OTC Approved
  • cGMP Compliant
  • OSHA Compliant