ChemRite CoPac is a contract manufacturer of liquid, crème, lotion and paste chemical formulations. We proudly serve industries such as OTC, personal care, household chemical, automotive appearance and industrial. Our record of unbending quality, customer satisfaction and value make ChemRite CoPac the ideal choice for production and packaging support.

Company Overview

  • 40 years of contract manufacturing experience
  • Privately held, founded in 1976
  • Formulation, blending and packaging of liquid, crème, lotion and paste chemical formulations
  • Central Midwest location (10 miles NW of Milwaukee)
  • Strategic partnerships with a limited number of core customers

Industries Served

  • Over the Counter (OTC)
  • Personal Care
  • Household Chemical
  • Automotive Appearance
  • Industrial and Institutional (I & I)

Facilities Overview*

  • FDA and EPA Registered Facility
  • OTC Approved, cGMP Compliant, OSHA Compliant Facility
  • Fill Sizes from .3 ounces to 160 ounces
  • Tube Fill Sizes From ¼ ounce to 14 ounces
  • 200 to 5,000 Gallon Blending Capacity
  • Bulk Blending in Five Gallon, 20 Gallon, 35 Gallon or 55 Gallon Drum Containers
  • Industry Leading 92% Production Efficiency Average
  • In-House Engineering – Machinery, Design, Construction and Installation
  • Intensive Quality Control and Analytical Capabilities
  • Flexible Production Scheduling

*For a detailed list of ChemRite’s capabilities, please visit our Diverse Capabilities webpage.