Even the most enthusiastic shopper would be prone to agree that it takes special skill to maneuver through a shopping experience this time of year. A visit to your local mall will likely greet you with full parking lots, overcrowded stores and long lines. In fact, you may have found yourself wishing you could hire a personal shopper to run and do your errands for you. Although we can’t help you with the long lines at the mall, ChemRite does offer a customizable “shopping service” which will greatly help you move through the contract packaging maze all year round.

Like a personal shopping experience, our purchasing capabilities have been designed for our customer’s convenience and to fit their specific procurement needs. ChemRite offers toll, modified toll and turnkey purchasing options. ChemRite defines a toll project as one in which the customer purchases materials. Modified Toll projects are a combination of customer purchased and ChemRite purchased materials. While Turnkey projects signify that ChemRite purchases the materials for the finished product.

Each of these purchasing options can be further customized based on a customer’s requirements. For example, even when customers choose a toll purchasing option, they may opt to have ChemRite’s purchasing team manage material releases from their preferred vendors. This allows the customer to concentrate on overseeing finished good distribution while ChemRite’s staff coordinates material arrival with the current production schedule. Or a customer may decide to take advantage of ChemRite’s purchasing power by using a turnkey purchasing option, but choose to maintain control over which vendors ChemRite’s team purchases from. In each circumstance, ChemRite’s experienced team works with the customer to build the purchasing preference which performs best for them.

Material procurement is managed through an MRP-based environment. Whether ChemRite pays for the material or not, our purchasing specialists enter every purchase order and release into our main operating software, ChemPax VB. Doing this allows for computerized allocation of current inventory and incoming material and assists our team to make smart purchasing decisions for future material needs. Entering purchase orders and releases into ChemPax VB also permits other ChemRite team members to share the knowledge of what components are on order and when they are scheduled to arrive. This is extremely helpful for areas such as production planning and inventory control.

With material costs at all-time highs, ChemRite realized that the demands of reigning in costs and improving profitability weigh on our customers. Therefore, we strive to alleviate some of the impact of cost fluctuations through innovative strategies and a customized purchasing process. We use the resources at our disposal to make the purchasing experience a little less hectic for you, acting as your personal contract manufacturing “shopper”. We invite you to contact a ChemRite representative to learn more about ChemRite’s purchasing capabilities or any of our other procedures. 262.255.3880.

ChemRite Purchasing Highlights

  • Convenient Purchasing Options: Toll, Modified Toll and Turnkey
  • Toll – Customer Purchases Material
  • Modified Toll – Combination of Customer and ChemRite Purchased Materials
  • Turnkey – ChemRite Purchases Material
  • Further Customized Purchasing Preferences Available
  • Procurement Through an MRP-Based Environment
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