Environmental Policies

ChemRite has always accepted and delivered on its responsibility to protect the environment. This standard is set internally by our corporate promise to act as conscientious citizens within our own community and industry. This is clearly good business in today's world, providing our customers with a demonstrable account of reliable environmental achievement.

Because ChemRite maintains a reclamation tank on-site, there is zero wastewater flow from the plant into the city system. After ChemRite processes its wastewater, it is transported by a licensed hauler to a site monitored by the Department of Natural Resources.

We have invested in electric forklifts which produce no emissions, leading to improved air quality. We also recycle all of our scrap corrugate, plastic, paper and aluminum throughout our facility.

We have a thorough internal safety training program in place, which includes educating our employees on the prevention of spills or releases that could impact the environment. This training also helps to drive our employees to complete all of their assignments in an environmentally safe manner.

The ChemRite EPA Establishment Number is 39754-WI-001.