Darrell Smith is the Chief Operations Officer for ChemRite CoPac, Inc. Darrell has brought over 20 years of operational experience in running production facilities to ChemRite CoPac. He has a vast experience in managing production teams and creating high performance environments. Darrell has been a key driver in helping ChemRite to achieve an industry leading 92% plant efficiency. His keen attention to detail, ability to streamline production while improving quality and efficiency, and laser-like focus on customer satisfaction is a perfect fit for overseeing the daily operations of the entire ChemRite CoPac facility.

Many here at ChemRite enjoy Darrell’s teamwork and coaching skills. He has implemented a performance management system to hire the “right person for the right role” and increase employee accountability in job responsibilities. As part of this management system, he regularly works with individual departments to identify areas which may benefit from improvement and coaches managers to achieve higher performance levels. He also has restructured many job functions at ChemRite to create improved job efficiency and streamline processes.

Many of our customers know from experience that Darrell plays a “hands on” role in scheduling daily production. In tight deadline situations, Darrell always makes a determined effort to ensure that customer production demands are met. He effectively works with the rest of the ChemRite team to evaluate project specifications and requirements, making certain any production issues are resolved before the manufacturing process begins.

In addition to being an outstanding team member at ChemRite CoPac, Darrell is married and has two daughters. Darrell’s wife, Janine, owns a management consulting business and works with management teams to improve hiring and performance. His daughter, Nicole, teaches 2nd grade and is working to complete her Masters degree in Early Childhood Development later this year. While his youngest daughter, Ashley, is a local cosmetologist who recently completed a half iron-man triathlon and is training for her first marathon in October. Darrell also enjoys big game hunting, traveling and working on cars.

While there are many contributing factors that have led to ChemRite’s success, we recognize that highly skilled and proficient employees, such as Darrell, have given ChemRite its industry reputation for outstanding customer service, consistent quality and unsurpassed value. If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to meet Darrell and the rest of the ChemRite CoPac team. Come and see how our employees set ChemRite apart.

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