In November’s “Did You Know…” article we discussed how ChemRite’s innovation capabilities can enhance your new product development. Many of our customers would agree that ChemRite’s expertise is a valuable asset in evaluating and launching a new product. But have you ever wondered why ChemRite asks for so much information before a new product start-up? Haven’t ChemRite’s years of experience with first time experimental production runs provided the necessary knowledge to anticipate any product’s packaging needs?

These are certainly valid questions. It’s true that throughout ChemRite’s 30 years of business, our skilled team has gained extensive experience with a wide variety of products and packages. This has provided us valuable insight with which we are able to offer customized solutions catered to each company’s specific contract manufacturing needs. However, this knowledge has also taught us that each product is unique. Not only may a product contain distinct chemical properties, but it may require supplementary formulation assistance, an advanced blending process or innovative packaging support. At ChemRite, we strive to understand the entire scope of a new project before it reaches the production floor.

How is this possible to achieve considering the diversity of products ChemRite works with? In short, ChemRite has developed a comprehensive preparation process for first time experimental production runs. This process encourages open communication and a detailed exchange of pertinent product information between a customer and ChemRite’s team. ChemRite’s representatives start by learning more about the product’s specific attributes. Does the product need formulation assistance? Are there any special product concerns, such as, is it flammable or hazardous? What type of wet chemistry analysis or analytical testing does the product require? Have the blending instructions been clearly defined or will ChemRite be developing the blending procedure? Has a package been created for the product or is packaging design assistance needed? As you can see, there may be many variables for a new product start up and clear communication is a vital means of ensuring the project flows smoothly.

ChemRite’s focus on quality guarantees that your product will be delivered at the highest standards of quality from the first run to the last. In advance of the first time production run, ChemRite’s team puts forth diligent effort to obtain all applicable quality documentation from the customer. Our quality control department works to integrate each customer’s quality discipline into our own. ChemRite’s skilled chemists create a bench sample of each new product. The bench process assists ChemRite’s team in determining any possible production challenges that may occur during the blending process. All formulation concerns are brought to the attention of the customer before large scale mixing begins. Once these factors have been clarified, all batch instruction and quality documentation created at ChemRite is sent to the customer for review and sign off.

In conjunction with determining the formulation and blending process, ChemRite’s experienced engineers discern the necessary production equipment for each product’s package design. Many products require specialized line set ups and may require custom fabricated change parts, all of which our engineering team manages in house. Having this kind of focus on detail and striving to anticipate possible challenges ensure that when a customer arrives at our facility for a first time production run, ChemRite’s team members are organized and prepared to start the manufacturing process.

ChemRite’s goal is to assist each of our customers through the steps of first time production with ease. Our new product preparation process has proven to be an invaluable means of ensuring start up production flows efficiently from beginning to end. We invite you to call ChemRite CoPac today and see how ChemRite can assist you with your business challenges. 262.255.3880.

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