A quality product starts with a strong formula. The formula needs to be stable whether it is a bench sample or a 5,000 gallon batch. ChemRite’s experienced chemists will address any potential formulation issues before production begins, insuring your product will run smoothly from the first batch forward. We follow a simple four-step process:

Step 1: Formulation Bench Sample

ChemRite chemists create a bench sample for each new formula we produce. They assemble formulations using a solid weight to weight recipe, making it easily scalable for larger production. If any formulation concerns arise, we offer innovative solutions based on our experience with hundreds of products. You decide when the formulation has met your standards. A bench sample is also created for any formula revisions.

Step 2: Batching and Mixing Instructions

ChemRite chemists establish mix instructions for each step of the batching process. These include information such as which tank the formula will be mixed in, what speed and temperature it will be mixed at, the weight and order of addition for each raw material and a quality assay for the finished batch. Mix instructions are completed with customer review and signed approval.

Step 3: F.E.P.R. Formula Validation

To validate a new formula, a first-time experimental production run (or F.E.P.R.) is held at the ChemRite CoPac production facility. Both ChemRite technicians and customer representatives are present to monitor each step of the batching process. Adjustments may be made to the formulation and/or mix instructions during the F.E.P.R. The end goal is to obtain a customer signed validation of the formula and batching instructions.

Step 4: Maintaining Product Consistency

Once definitive standards have been set, we rigidly adhere to those standards. Only approved and validated batching instructions are used during production at ChemRite CoPac. Two authorized signatures are required for ingredient measuring, weighing and addition. This proven process provides you with a product that consistently meets your exact guidelines.