It is fundamental that your products display an attractive image from package to package. ChemRite’s production lines are designed for optimal versatility, able to accommodate the most unique package designs. We meticulously follow customer packaging guidelines to make certain that every product is packaged according to its exact specifications. From label placement on a bottle, to using the correct closure torque application, to following an approved pallet pattern – every effort is made to provide a consistent level of quality each time a product leaves our facility.

Packaging Flexibility *

  • Fill Lines with Cross Product Capabilities
  • “Lego” Style Production Equipment
  • Bottle Sizes: From .3 ounces to 160 ounces
  • Tube Sizes: ¼ ounce to 14 ounces
  • Labeling Options: Front/Back, Wrap, Spot, Violator, and Custom Labeling – 270 Degrees
  • Closure Options: Continuous and Dispensing Closures, Stake-On Closures, Lotion Pumps and Trigger Sprayers
  • Production Availability Based on 4-Hour Increments: “Quads”
  • Production Line Capacity: One Million Bottles per Month per Line*
  • Collation Fulfillment Services: Tray Displays, Pallet Displays, Hang Cards, Display Boxes and Kit Assembly

* based on running two quads per day, additional capacity available based on customer needs and production agreement.

Equipment and Material Control

  • All Production Equipment is C.I.P. (Clean In Place) Capable
  • Strict Cleaning and Sanitization Procedures
  • Each Production Line Has a Dedicated Supervisor
  • Quality Inspection of Production Lines Before Start Up and At Pre-Determined Intervals During Production
  • Quality Inspection of Finished Package
  • Industry Leading Scrap Factors (Below 2% Industry Standards)

*For more information on ChemRite’s packaging equipment, please visit our Production Lines webpage.