Good communication is an important part of any relationship. In a business partnership, effectively communicating means more than just exchanging information. It also involves knowing how to ask the right questions so that critical business decisions are based on the right information. This has certainly proven true when it comes to ChemRite’s process for compiling a project bid. Years of experience have taught us that hidden project details can lead to unwelcome costs down the road. So our team goes to great lengths to understand the entire scope of a project before assembling a finished packaging price.

When ChemRite is asked to bid a new project, our sales team gathers pertinent project information from the customer. They may request items such as a sample of the finished good, a finished good bill of material, a formula bill of material and batching instructions. The ability to consider these items first-hand provides ChemRite’s team with the necessary insight to create an accurate bid. Regardless of whether the bid is accepted or not, all proprietary information is kept in strict confidentiality throughout the discovery and manufacturing process.

ChemRite’s team will work closely with your company to clarify production considerations before the bid is completed. We will define which areas of the manufacturing process ChemRite will be assisting with. For example, does your project need formulation and blending assistance or simply packaging of a finished formula? Our skilled engineers will recommend production equipment to be used for the project. Any new equipment or change part purchases are considered at this time. Also, because the amount of quality testing required varies from project to project, these requirements will need to be outlined during the discovery phase of the bid process.

ChemRite offers several flexible price structure options. “Turnkey” requires ChemRite to purchase raw materials and packaging components from our extensive network of quality vendors. “Toll” identifies that the customer will source and manage the cost of materials, while “modified toll” indicates a mixture of turnkey and toll purchasing for the project. Each price structure supplies the customer with a cost-effective means to manage material procurement. In some cases, customers choose to have ChemRite purchase materials from their own preferred vendors. We are happy to provide this service and will request a list of vendor contact information so that we can gather current pricing as part of your project bid.

Once this detailed project assessment has been completed, ChemRite compiles the information and reviews each area with a focus on eliminating cost wherever possible. When you receive your final project bid from ChemRite, you will notice something which is uncommon with most contract manufacturers – full price transparency. As a valued partner, ChemRite customers are given the consideration of cost disclosure for each of the factors described in the paragraphs above. The final bid will also clarify minimum run quantities and overhead costs. In addition, every bid includes a detailed list of ChemRite’s terms and conditions. We encourage customers to review these carefully and raise any questions or concerns before accepting the bid.

ChemRite’s reliable reputation for providing outstanding quality products at an unbeatable value didn’t come about overnight. It has taken years of experience to come with with a bidding process which encourages the right kind of communication. Communication which ensures no detail is overlooked and your project objectives are met with no hidden costs. Communication which brings innovative ideas together to achieve a common goal – your complete satisfaction. We invite you to contact a ChemRite representative today to learn more about ChemRite’s project bidding process. 262.255.3880.

The ChemRite Bid Process

  • ChemRite Gathers Pertinent Project Information
  • ChemRite’s Team Works With Customer to Clarify Production Considerations
  • Customer Chooses a Turnkey, Toll or Modified Toll Price Structure Option
  • ChemRite’s Purchasing Department Gathers Material Pricing Information (if applicable)
  • Final Bid is Compiled – Full Price Transparency is Provided to Customer
  • Customer Reviews the Bid and ChemRite Terms/Conditions
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