One way that ChemRite demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction is through our continuous improvement process. It drives ongoing enhancements to our facilities, equipment, procedures and personnel. As part of this process, ChemRite installed an upgraded telecommunications system in May of this year.

The new IP phones have many appealing features. One exciting aspect is that the IP platform was designed to accommodate multiple locations. The practical application of this feature means that when you call ChemRite’s main number, our staff has the ability to transfer the call from the main facility directly to either of our warehouse facilities instead of asking that you dial a separate number.

The new system also has a mobile “twinning” feature which allows an external phone, such as a cell phone, to be “twinned” with an IP office extension. Since many of our ChemRite team members have both a desk extension and a cell phone, they can now use twinning to receive a call on both of their work phones, giving them the freedom to move about our facilities without the worry of missing an important call.

Because the IP phone system works through an Internet connection, it offers the functionality of visual voicemail. This innovative technology takes a voicemail message and transfers it into an email message. We foresee this feature being especially useful to our sales team, giving them the ability to see all recent voicemail messages through their email account when they are away from the office.

While electronic communication certainly has its place, ChemRite maintains that a personal connection plays an important part in providing world class customer service. We anticipate using our new facility enhancement to reduce missed calls and provide you an increased connection to ChemRite’s entire staff. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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