Join us as we congratulate Todd Plier on his promotion to VP of Sales.

It has been said that first impressions are often the truest. We at ChemRite agree that a first impression leaves a lasting impact. When Ron Whitt, ChemRite’s CEO and Founder, announced that Todd Plier was being promoted to ChemRite’s VP of Sales, he began by relating his first impressions of Todd. Todd had been working as a sales representative for a Chicago based packaging distributor and ChemRite was one of his customers. Ron related, “We respected Todd’s qualities of honesty, professionalism, commitment to his customer, the manner in which he represents his company, and his “can do” attitude.”

Those outstanding qualities have proven to be more then just a first impression. Since Todd joined ChemRite’s team in February of 2004, he has excelled in displaying integrity of character, skilled leadership, world class customer service and a focused company vision. He was promoted to Sales Manager in May of 2006 and has displayed consistent efforts to achieve and surpass the sales goals set before the department. His focus on customer service has allowed ChemRite to build long term relationships with a strategic number of valued customers.

As VP of Sales, Todd will direct the sales team in ChemRite’s commitment to quality, pride in ownership, attention to detail and customer driven approach. In addition, he will serve as a key member of the senior management team and participates with other senior managers in developing a strategy for the entire company. He will strive to anticipate and react quickly to trends and changes in performance. Todd is also responsible for creating the yearly CRCP Sales Plan, generating various monthly sales metrics and reviewing these reports with other CRCP team members.

At ChemRite, our management team has put considerable thought into what impression our company leaves on customers. Continuous improvement projects regularly center on updates to our facility and equipment. Clinical cleanliness is required not only in production areas but throughout our work environments. Yet, no matter how much attention we put into our facility, we know that the greatest impression of our company culture comes from our team members. When a team member makes a positive first impression that grows into a lasting impression, we are honored to recognize their outstanding effort. Please join us as we congratulate our new VP of Sales, Todd Plier. We are confident he will excel in his new responsibilities and leave his fingerprint on the company for years to come!

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