As consumer markets evolve, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are driven to re-invent existing products and create new product lines which will appeal to current end users. This being the case, most CPGs would agree that there are abundant reasons to partner with an innovative contract packager. A qualified co-packer can solve common problems related to start-up products such as research and development, package design, limited production facilities, concerns about equipment investments, personnel training and more.

At ChemRite CoPac, the heart of our business lies in solving the formulation and packaging needs of our customer. Our more then 30 years of contract packaging experience has given us valuable insight into streamlining production processes for first time experimental runs. ChemRite’s analytical team is skilled in product development and enhancement. We offer qualified batching and processing assistance. ChemRite’s team works closely with a large network of qualified vendors to provide inventive packaging solutions.

In addition, ChemRite’s skilled engineering department is able to provide production line construction and change part fabrication catered to each project’s specific needs. Our knowledgeable team is also experienced in new product introductions and has supported many national brand launches. This skilled support makes it possible for a CPG to evaluate the success of a new product launch and determine if the anticipated volumes warrant continued production.

The most valid critic of any product is the marketplace. ChemRite’s skilled, versatile support gives your product the chance it deserves to succeed in today’s competitive consumer markets, while protecting your brand name and reputation. The right formulation, the right package, the right quality standards, the right clinically clean assembly plant, the right delivery – this quite simply is the “Rite” in ChemRite. We invite you to call ChemRite CoPac today and see how ChemRite can assist you with your business challenges. 262.255.3880.

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