ChemRite’s most recent continuous improvement project honors our partners in business and our award winning team of dedicated professionals.

Travel has always been a necessary part of business. At ChemRite CoPac, we greatly appreciate the time, expense and effort it takes for our customers to come and visit us. Because they are our esteemed partners, we would like our customers to view ChemRite as an extension of their own facility… an office away from the office, so to speak. With this in mind, our latest improvement project was aimed at providing visitors with a comfortable space which they can call their own during their visit to ChemRite. We are please to announce the addition of a new visitor center.

A portion of our previous lunch room was transformed into a private area dedicated to our customers. The convenient location of the new space offers customers easy access to our offices and production facility. The conference-style room includes comfortable seating for 10, an ample work area and a secure space for visitors to store their belongings. There are two high-tech televisions for viewing meeting presentations, portals for plugging in electronic equipment and Internet connection availability. Customers will enjoy the ability to link to our secured camera system, which allows them to view real-time production of their product from the comfort of the visitor center. The welcoming space also contains a refreshment area with a state-of-the-art ice maker, a beverage center filled with a range of popular drink choices and a buffet area for lunches and snacks.

In addition to a new room for our customers, the renovation also incorporates a beautiful new commons area for our dedicated employees. These talented, hard working men and women exceed ChemRite’s high expectations on a daily basis and deserve a comfortable area to enjoy during their lunch and break times. Our designed asked a range of CRCP employees what they would like to see in the room and integrated their feedback into the overall design of the space. The new room seats 60 people comfortably. A new television and sound system were installed for employee meetings and presentations. There are also improved vending services available.

Everyone likes to use their break time differently, so the employee commons includes tables and chairs for those who like to socialize. Or there is a high top counter space and stools for those who prefer a little solitude. The outside deck area continues to offer employees an area to benefit from fresh air and beautiful weather when available. Employees are already enjoying the six new microwave ovens and a larger refrigerator for lunch and food storage. And the electronic improvements in the room allow CRCP team members to watch the news or listen to music during breaks.

This exciting new project was completed on time and under budget. Due to the careful planning of our designer, there was no disruption to our daily operation during the construction process. Construction traffic was restricted to the lunch room area and was not allowed to pass through our production facility or offices. We have already hosted a number of visitors in the new space and have enjoyed hearing their positive feedback.

While our primary focus is on being the best at our business, the relationships we build with people along the way makes the work we do much more enjoyable. This year, ChemRite’s management team chose to prioritize these improvement projects as a way to honor the customers who partner with us and trust us with their brand name, as well as the employees who provide outstanding performance on a daily basis. We are confident that all will enjoy these new areas for years to come. Plan your visit to see ChemRite’s beautiful new visitor’s center in person. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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