“May you live in interesting times.” This Chinese saying has certainly proven true for many of us in the contract packaging industry. We live and work in an interesting time of change. Changes within the world economy in recent years have brought unique challenges. But along with these challenges, we have seen an inspiring period of industry innovation and reformation. As 2010 comes to a close, we here at ChemRite CoPac would like to thank you for being a loyal customer or quality vendor through these “interesting times”.

Throughout 2010, our corporate practice of customer dedication and continuous process improvement has brought many positive changes to ChemRite. The capabilities of our production plant were enhanced with the addition of several state-of-the-art equipment upgrades including a custom engineered in-line filler, a new automatic tube filler/sealer, as well as new micro-dosing pumps and fill heads. We have also installed an enhanced facility access control system at our production and warehouse facilities. The benefits of these facility improvements were seen with the resulting success our customers experienced in meeting their current production demands and ability to plan for future corporate goals.

ChemRite also made a concentrated effort to maintain our reputation as a world class customer service provider by implementing several communication enhancement tools during 2010. These include improved reporting procedures, the launch of the monthly CRCP E-Newsletter, and a customer survey program. We have been pleased by the positive feedback from customers and vendors alike regarding these expanded methods of communication.

ChemRite’s number one project for 2010 has been the design and implementation of a new electronic inventory control system. Countless hours of research and development have gone into creating this unique IC system, specialized to ChemRite’s production environment. Because inventory control involves almost every department at CRCP, it has taken a company wide collaboration of our knowledgeable, dedicated team members, along with system and industry specialists and an application of current technology, to create an inventory system we are truly proud of. We have confidence that all of our customers will be pleased with the end result. Each phase of the new inventory control system will be broken down into a series of feature articles, beginning with the January 2011 CRCP E-Newsletter. We eagerly anticipate customer feedback in the months to come.

In these final days of 2010, we here at ChemRite CoPac look back at our accomplishments with satisfaction, strive to learn from our challenges and meet the year to come with a clear vision of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction in mind. We will continue to dedicate our corporate resources to projects which will prove to be of maximum benefit to our customers. We will maintain using advances in technology to enhance our avenues of communication and streamline business processes. And we will persist in providing innovative solutions and experienced support for all of our customer’s needs. ChemRite would like to express our appreciation to all of our esteemed customers and vendors, as well as our dedicated team members, for a successful 2010. We look forward to working together in 2011 and creating another year of “interesting times”.

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