Training is a valuable building block in the foundation of every company. When it is done well it can help each individual grow in their position and supports employees working together to achieve the company’s goals. A lack of training can prove frustrating to an employee and management. This was seen in the case of a new hotel employee who was asked to clean the elevators and report back to the supervisor when the task was completed. When the employee failed to appear at the end of the day the supervisor assumed that he had simply not liked the job and left. However, four days later the supervisor saw the new employee cleaning one of the elevators. Surprised, he asked, “You surely haven’t been cleaning these elevators for four days, have you?” The employee responded, “Yes, sir. This is a big job and I’ve not finished yet – do you realize there are over forty of them, two on each floor, and sometimes they are not even there…”

It’s a humorous story, but it also illustrates the importance of effective training. This is especially true when it comes to health & safety training. With thousands dying and being injured in the U.S. every year from work related accidents, safety needs to be a priority for everyone. In 2014, ChemRite saw an opportunity to enhance its health & safety training program. After doing research on several training programs, the committee chose to partner with the Lezage program.

The Lezage system provides our employees with interactive online training which they can take at their own pace. There are currently 57 health & safety lessons. These lessons are categorized for each CRCP department. When an employee logs into the Lezage program, he enters a passcode for his department and the trainings he specifically needs to study are listed. An informative video and review questions are available for each subject to help impress it on the employee’s mind. At the end of the training session, he is required to take a competency test. If he receives a passing score, a certificate of completion is forwarded to our Compliance Director. If he receives a failing score, he needs to retake the training.

CRCP’s Compliance Director, Kathy Miazga, tracks training results and currency. She notifies employees of their training completion deadlines and assists if they have any lingering questions not covered in the Lezage training. In addition, training currency is graded at a senior management level as part of ChemRite’s CQI Score. (To learn more, please see the article “Measuring the Mission” in this month’s newsletter.)

ChemRite is dedicated to providing a work environment that offers continuous job training and safe working conditions. Our concern for our employees goes beyond meeting the legal duty to protect their health & safety. Our goal is to protect each and every person at our company from becoming part of an injury statistic. The best insurance policy is training. The more trained a person is, the less chance there is of having an accident on the job. Our enhanced health & safety program protects our central asset – the talented people who contribute to our award winning team.

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