ChemRite is pleased to introduce exciting plans for the future of its production facility. Our innovative renovation plan supports our mission to make normalized excellence evident – starting with a strong first impression of our facility which keeps getting better as you peel into the company. We’ve kicked off the transformation with a project which provides a glimpse into what’s in store. Click on the link below to read more about this project and learn more about our future goals.

Doors. They are a common part of everyday life that most of us rarely stop to think about. They offer us protection, privacy… even inspired the name of a famous band. Perhaps the most exciting thing about doors is they can open up a new world to us. In January, ChemRite installed some stylish new doors which provide the first glimpse into the future of ChemRite’s production facility.

Over the past year ChemRite’s management team has been developing a substantial renovation plan for the company’s production facility. The plan includes a makeover of each element of the facility – from the walls and floors to the mix tanks and production equipment. The purpose of this renewal is to improve both the function and aesthetics of CRCP’s production environment. The plan focuses on increased efficiency, supporting clinical cleanliness and incorporating state-of-the-art innovation.

We began with something seemingly small which has made a large impact. We installed a new bi-part sliding door system at the entrance of ChemRite’s water room. Although our customers do not require it, we chose a door system made of pharmaceutical grade materials. Each piece is clean-in-place (CIP) capable. The seamless fiberglass reinforced panel surface is non-porous, non-shedding, and non-absorptive. A continuous three-sided non-marking vinyl gasket, interlocking center seal and bottom sweep gasket ensures the tightest seal. The track and trolley system is 316 stainless steel, exceeding cGMP and FDA requirements.

Why did we select a door system of this caliber? For several important reasons. First, we believe the strategic group of customers ChemRite partners with deserve top-quality materials in their contract manufacturing facility. Second, water is the base of the majority of products we produce. ChemRite takes protecting the water that goes into the products we produce seriously. Finally, as the first of many upcoming facility improvement projects, ChemRite’s senior management wanted this renovation to be a showpiece for what lies ahead.

ChemRite is pleased to introduce its plan to renovate its production facility. The door has been opened to an exciting future for ChemRite’s operation and the valued customers we serve. In line with our corporate mission statement, our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations with each improvement we make. What will our next facility improvement be? We encourage you to watch for future articles in the CRCP newsletter to find out.

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