ChemRite CoPac is pleased to announce the addition of new tube filling equipment to its state-of-the-art production facilities. The recent search for an innovative tube packaging solution was driven by production requests which exceeded the capabilities of the company’s current tube fillers. ChemRite’s engineering department examined an assortment of tube filling equipment and discovered a new machine concept which will meet our customers current and future production needs for years to come.

The automatic tube filling and sealing machine is the first of its kind and is designed for tubes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. It is ideal for filling an assortment of manufactured goods including OTC and personal care products. The equipment has a dosage capacity from less then one to 450 mL and boasts an efficiency rate of 60 tubes per minute. Its fill heads effectively transfer products with low to high viscosities. It also conforms to ChemRite’s CIP safety, cleaning and sanitization protocols through features such as 316L stainless steel construction and easy fill nozzle detachment.

This fresh look at tube filling incorporates several interesting features. One of these is an advanced tube centering system which uses a CAM-based station for lifting tubes while rotating them. This allows a sensor to detect a contrast mark for optimum tube positioning. The new machinery also includes progressive bottom-up present volume filling which minimizes air being trapped within filled tubes at an exceptional filling accuracy of ±0.5%. Tube coding may be applied either single or double sided. The equipment uses a hot air closing system and records each tube on a counter for production reference purposes. In addition, special tube trimmers allow a variety of tube ends with straight, oval, R-shaped, hang hole, wave or other artistic cuts.

The unique design of the machinery minimizes changeover time and provides ChemRite’s team with optimal production flexibility. There are also a wide variety of change parts available, allowing the equipment to be customized to each projects specific needs. Programmable Logic Machine Controls (PLC) include an automatic machine stoppage if opened, protective panels, no tube-no fill, and automatic machine stoppage from abnormalities.

At ChemRite, the heart of our business lies in solving formulation and packaging needs. Innovative solutions and our continuous improvement process demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our customers and their production goals. We invite you to contact a ChemRite representative today to learn more about our new tube filling equipment or any of our manufacturing capabilities.

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