With our newsletter highlighting many of ChemRite’s recent improvement projects you may be wondering, how does ChemRite accomplish all of these improvements in addition to their daily workflow? It is a team effort for sure. But managing all of the details and scheduling these facility enhancements is truly a job in itself. Leading the team on many of our recent projects is a very talented woman, Heather Lyon, ChemRite’s Project Manager.

Heather has filled the role of Project Manager for several years. Her creative talent was developed early when she studied painting murals and intricate wall finishes under a German master painter. She says his reminders to “do it right” still stick with her. She has been involved in hundreds of specialized painting projects for both commercial and residential buildings. While on the job, Heather developed an interest in construction and design. She grew to manage several residential construction projects, acting as the general contractor on a number of them. Her eye for interior design carried outdoors as well where she has drafted many landscape design plans. Never afraid to get her hands dirty, she has been in charge of undertaking tasks from general oversight all the way through to the actual planting and placement of landscape materials.

When she was younger Heather also worked in ChemRite’s QA department. She gathered valuable insight on ChemRite’s daily operation. This experience helps her to make project decisions with the rest of ChemRite’s team in mind. Heather has been the lead person for recent facility improvement projects such as the remodel of our offices, the new visitor’s center and employee break area, landscape improvement around all of our buildings and those mentioned in the “CRCP Facility Improvements” article. She takes the time to gather team input when making project decisions so that the results will benefit everyone. She works closely with senior management, contractors, design sources and others to meet tight construction deadlines while insuring facility improvements do not disrupt daily workflow or production. She has been able to deliver many projects under budget and ahead of schedule.

Many who visit ChemRite comment on the streamlined buildings, exquisite gardens and manicured landscape. They remark that they are comfortably impressed by the interior design of our office space and enjoy the luxury of our state of the art visitor center. As they walk through the facilities and take note of what strikes them they are touched by Heather’s creative hand, which leaves behind something beautiful for us to enjoy as we go about our work day. Our commitment to continuous improvement requires a leader who is equally committed to making a lasting impression. We are proud to have Heather as part of the ChemRite team. If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to meet Heather and the rest of our award winning team.

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