ChemRite’s mission statement is brought to life by means of our new CRCP vision score card. This scoring system gives upper management a dashboard view of the current performance level of the company’s key drivers. Learn which areas are being measured and how the final score translates on a customer, corporate and personal level.

The American author Steven Covey once said, “Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.” We couldn’t agree more. As a company, ChemRite’s primary goal is to live up to our mission statement, “normalized excellence in contract manufacturing”. What is our plan for achieving that goal? The answer can be found through our corporate vision statement, “achievement of our mission through key elements success”.

That vision statement motivated ChemRite’s CEO and Founder, Ron Whitt, to design a measurement tool for the monthly performance levels of CRCP’s four main drivers, or key elements – production efficiency, quality, housekeeping and sales. In January 2012, he introduced this measurement tool to the company as the “Key Elements Score Card”. (For more information, please see the article “Key Elements Score Card System” from the February 2012 CRCP Newsletter.) Due to the tremendous effort of our group, the company has received an “A” grade the majority of months since the key elements score card was introduced. Our congratulations and appreciation go out to each person who contributed to this accomplishment!

This was just the beginning of Ron’s plan for achieving the corporate goal. He could see that there were other areas which are important to the company’s success and decided to incorporate these into the monthly scoring system. In January 2015 he introduced a revised corporate measurement tool known as the “CRCP Vision Score”. The CRCP vision score contains the four key elements from the original key elements score card. An inventory scrap score has been added along with a CQI score, creating a new company grade compiled from six key elements.

The CQI score is derived from a sub-score card entitled “CRCP CQI Score”. This CQI Score is comprised of five areas of continuous quality improvement – employee performance reviews, employee training, equipment preventative maintenance, FIP’s (facility improvement projects) and PIP’s (process improvement projects). Each area is given a pass or fail score for currency. 20 points are awarded to each area which is current, areas which aren’t current receive a zero. The average score is then transferred to the CRCP vision score for that month.

Our new CRCP vision score care has elevated our corporate performance standard. For our valued customers, the score card provides greater peace of mind, knowing that ChemRite’s team is continuously monitoring the key elements which protect their products and name brand. At a company level, the score card helps all to maintain their focus on the achievement of our mission statement. It provides our senior management team an unbiased view of the company’s performance each month. It easily identifies the areas we are doing well in and which areas need improvement. In addition, each CRCP employee benefits personally as they receive and incentive bonus for each month we reach our corporate goal. It’s a plan which makes success a reality at every level.

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