Our facilities have recently received a face-lift through several remodeling and preventative maintenance projects. We have reinforced our roof, installed new gutters, downspouts, awnings and doors. A new storage room was also built at one of our warehouse facilities for long-term corporate records. All of these projects were accomplished as part of our continuous improvement program. This program aids us in adhering to a regular preventative maintenance schedule and provides a forum for discussing other facility improvements.

The roof over ChemRite’s main production facility was fortified with a new rubber membrane. This application is ideal for our flat roof because its lack of seams prevents leaking and helps move water off the roof surface. The membrane roofing system resists expansion and contraction and reflects much of the UV rays that hit it, helping to melt snow during Wisconsin’s winter months. We also replaced all of the facility’s gutters and downspouts. The new aluminum gutter system has a unique design which protects against water overflow and blockage from ice and snow. The entire roof and gutter project took a week to complete.

Another exciting preventative maintenance project was the purchase of new doors and protective awnings for all three of our facilities. The existing doors were over 30 years old and starting to show signs of wear. The new doors are metal with stainless steel hinges and fixtures to prevent rust. They are coated with electrostatic paint for a durable finish resistant to scratching. The new doors are guaranteed to last another 30 years. In addition, hanging over every new entrance door is a beautiful new aluminum awning. These replaced the cloth awnings that use to adorn the front of ChemRite’s main facility. The aluminum awnings are guaranteed to never rust and to last 20 years. They not only add to the aesthetic value of our facilities but also serve as valuable protection from Wisconsin’s frequent inclement weather.

A facility construction project was also approved and completed – a smart new storage room at our bottle warehouse. The pristine room was constructed in an open area above the office space in the warehouse. Construction consisted of a new ceiling, flooring, shelving, lighting, paint and doors with secured access. The room will be used for the storage of important corporate records.

At ChemRite the buildings we work in protect the people and products we care about. Regular improvement and preventative maintenance are an essential part of running a responsible and dependable business. We have many new facility projects scheduled for the year to come and look forward to sharing these improvements with you as they are completed. We invite you to visit us personally and see our latest improvement projects for yourself.

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