At ChemRite CoPac, we are continually seeking out better ways to communicate the positive changes and improvements taking place within our company with our valued customers and vendors. To this end, ChemRite CoPac is launching a monthly E-Newsletter.

The CRCP E-Newsletter contains various articles of interest. Each edition includes a feature article highlighting what’s new at ChemRite CoPac. These feature articles will focus on corporate improvements such as equipment upgrades, process improvements, quality control enhancements and technical skill developments. There will also be a series of articles entitled “Did You Know…” This section will serve to increase industry awareness regarding ChemRite CoPac’s full range of capabilities. In addition, there will be a “Meet…” article, introducing a different ChemRite CoPac employee each month. We trust that many of our customers and vendors will enjoy putting a face to the ChemRite team members they communicate with on a regular basis.

For more then 30 years, ChemRite CoPac has held a reputation for exceptional product quality, reliable customer service and honest value in the packaging industry. We invite you to take a moment and learn more about ChemRite CoPac and the services we can provide for your company.

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