ChemRite CoPac was recently honored with the “Key Supplier” Award from one of it’s valued customers. The customer has developed a unique supplier evaluation program which aids suppliers in identifying areas in which they provide outstanding service, as well as areas which may need improvement. Every three months, the company provides each supplier with a “report card”. The report card score is based on factors such as quality, delivery, documentation and customer service. This motivating evaluation system encourages each supplier to achieve a score of 95% or above. In 2009, ChemRite CoPac repeatedly scored well above this benchmark in each category and achieved an overall performance score of 99.40%.

ChemRite has been recognized with the “Key Supplier” award during the past three consecutive years. We are proud to receive this mark of distinction and will continue to use the supplier evaluation program as a key performance gauge. Congratulations to all of the ChemRite team members who daily contribute outstanding job performance and continue to make ChemRite CoPac an award winning contract packager.

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