Ron Whitt is the owner and founder of ChemRite CoPac, Inc. In 1970, Ron graduated with a bachelor of Science from Stevens Point University in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. After working in a Milwaukee area chemical distribution center for a number of years, Ron decided to create a business which combined his interest in chemistry with the principle of maintaining integrity in business. In June 1976, he founded ChemRite Industries, which later evolved into ChemRite CoPac.

ChemRite began by producing institutional products, which were formulated in-house and sold to supply houses under a variety of private labels. Noting ChemRite’s reputation for outstanding quality, one of the largest manufacturer’s of cleaning products approached ChemRite to contract package a product for them. ChemRite’s success with that product led to a long term relationship with that company and many others.

From consumer goods, ChemRite moved into making personal care products, and for the past 15 years ChemRite has also been a lead manufacturer for OTC (Over-the-Counter) products. Throughout the years, Ron has led ChemRite in a continuous process improvement program. This program is designed to provide corporate direction for evolving the company’s skills, equipment and quality to meet customer’s current needs. The company has had opportunities to expand, but Ron has maintained that it isn’t how large a company is, it’s how good it is at what it does.ron-pic1

Ron has said, “I don’t get interested or involved in anything unless I believe it’s the best.” This focus on being the best in the contract packaging field has given ChemRite a solid reputation for quality, professionalism, cleanliness, technical proficiency and customer service. For more then 30 years, ChemRite has delivered dependable product quality, reliable customer service and honest value – translating Ron’s original ideal of maintaining integrity in business into a corporate value and product excellence.

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