With today’s economy placing an even greater demand on companies to be efficient with their resources, many are searching for avenues which will assist them in containing and reducing production costs. When comparing contract packaging facilities, many companies consider how a co-packer will contribute to their cost-saving efforts. At ChemRite CoPac, we understand the importance of not only providing a product which reflects outstanding quality but also providing that product at the right price. As part of ChemRite’s corporate philosophy, we believe it is our job to act as an extension of your company. Therefore, we work diligently to improve your bottom line.

Each of our customers receives complete cost transparency, meaning that every price quotation reflects accurate rates for all contributing factors in the finished case price. We offer flexible cost options in toll, modified toll or turnkey price structures. Because ChemRite maintains a conservative business model, we are able to provide fixed overhead and labor expenses. Our purchasing department maintains relationships with a large network of quality raw material and component suppliers to provide competitive pricing on all materials. Another contributing factor to ChemRite’s cost efficiency is our real-time inventory management program, which provides inventory control within a 2% material variance and a detailed accounting for all inventory discrepancies. In addition, ChemRite’s industry leading plant efficiency average ensures minimal scrap factors and product over-runs. We are proud of the fact that many of our major manufacturing customers partner with ChemRite CoPac to take advantage of ChemRite’s plant efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We invite you to call ChemRite CoPac today and see how ChemRite can assist you with your business challenges. 262.255.3880.

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