“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort” wrote English writer, John Ruskin. This statement effectively describes ChemRite’s philosophy on quality discipline. The “intelligent effort” seen in ChemRite’s quality control program stresses dependable protocols which guarantee consistent and sustained quality during each step of production. It includes adhering to the quality standards our customers have outlined for their products. We realize that our customers have put considerable effort into the research and development of each of their products. The quality standards generated during the R&D process are vital to production efficiency and product reliability.

Due to the fact that ChemRite is an FDA regulated, OTC approved, cGMP compliant facility, ChemRite will not produce a product until all applicable quality documentation has been obtained, processed and approved by our quality control department. While quality control documentation may vary from one project to another, ChemRite uses the following list as a guide in assuring that all appropriate quality documentation is in place before a production run.

ChemRite requests:


  • Formula Bill of Material (with weight/weight %’s)
  • Specific Gravity of Finished Formula
  • Finished Formula Standards (appearance, color, odor)
  • Incoming Raw Material Testing Requirements
  • Mixing Instructions w/Adjustments
  • Batch Assay Testing Requirements
  • Test Methods for the Batch Assay
  • Product MSDS

Finished Good

  • Finished Good Bill of Material
  • Finished Good Testing Requirements
  • Net Weight of Finished Good (per bottle or per case)
  • Incoming Packaging Component Testing Requirements
  • In Process Testing Requirements
  • Bottle Drawing with Resin Information
  • Closure/Pump Drawing (including dip tube length)
  • Application Torque Requirements
  • Specific Lot Code Information
  • Code Placement
  • Label Graphics
  • Orientation of Bottles in the Cartons
  • Master Shipper Specifications and Graphics
  • Pallet Pattern
  • Pallet Tags
  • Pallet Grade Requirements (new, reconditioned, etc.)

Each of these common industry quality specifications is an essential ingredient to ensuring an outstanding finished product. It is logical that during the lifespan of a product, the product specifications may be revised many times. Perhaps new chemical technology has provided the means for an improved formula. Or it could be that the imaging or packaging of the product has been updated. In the event of these changes, ChemRite will require updated quality specifications.

ChemRite takes their responsibility to protect our customer’s brand name and reputation seriously. ChemRite’s disciplined approach to quality control has proven to be valuable insurance for our customers and the end consumer, making superior quality products an expectation all can count on. “Intelligent effort” at its best.

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