An Internet search will quickly reveal that you can get almost any product customized to fit your specific needs. The possibilities are endless – from custom clothing and golf clubs to larger items like custom built cars and homes. While a standardized version of a product may work and meet our basic needs, custom varieties adapt to meet more of our requirements, perform better and lead to greater satisfaction. At ChemRite, we realize that when it comes to contract manufacturing, custom options are more then just a luxury. In many cases, they are necessities which assist in meeting specific production requirements.

When a customer contacts ChemRite, they frequently need assistance manufacturing a product with unique formula properties and packaging materials. For that reason each area of ChemRite’s facilities has been developed to offer customers optimal flexibility and innovative manufacturing options. Our experienced team works with each customer on a project by project basis to determine what their exact needs are. They then recommend customizable equipment options to meet those needs.

All of ChemRite’s production equipment has been designed to be easily modified. For example, our assortment of fill heads can manage viscosities from very thin, watery liquids to thick, creamy lotions and handle high or low foam products. Our production lines are capable of filling packages varying in size from one ounce to one gallon. Our labeling equipment is proficient at applying two sided, three sided and wrap-around labels. We are also experienced at running cap, sprayer, and pump closures of all sizes and varieties. In addition, ChemRite is capable of specialty pack outs such as display kits, hang tags and promotional attachments.

Once custom options are chosen, our team of highly skilled engineers goes to work anticipating and resolving any issues that may occur during the production process. They test the equipment and look for ways to improve it, considering the unique features of the current project. Our talented group is capable of fabricating custom change parts to get the utmost versatility our of our production lines. Their focused approach ensures minimal production concern from the first time experimental production run onward.

At times it may be more cost effective to build new equipment rather then customize existing equipment. Our production team has helped many customers in this scenario with inventive solutions. For specific examples, please visit our website at and read the “Case Studies” area under the “Customer Commitment” tab.

The extreme flexibility of our equipment and the outstanding engineering support of our skilled team offer our customers inventive solutions to any production obstacle. For many of our customers, the right custom options have meant sustained production efficiency, cost reduction and long term satisfaction. Exactly the results we have planned to achieve. We invite you to try on one of our custom options for your next project – you won’t believe the difference of a custom fit. Contact a ChemRite representative today to learn more about ChemRite’s custom production options. 262.255.3880.

Custom Production Options

  • SIZE: From one ounce to one gallon
  • VISCOSITY: Very Thin, Watery Liquids to Thick, Creamy Lotions
  • FOAM: High or Low
  • LABELS: Two Sided, Three Sided and Wrap-Around Labels
  • CLOSURES: Caps, Sprayers and Pumps of All Sizes and Varieties
  • SPECIALTY PACK OUTS: Display Kits, Hand Tags, Promotional Attachments
  • OTHER: Easily Modified Equipment, Custom Engineered Change Parts, Experienced Production Line Design, Construction and Modification
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