Enjoy a piece of ChemRite’s history and a look back at how one man’s vision laid the foundation for great things to come.

ChemRite’s CEO and Founder, Ron Whitt, is our corporate visionary. From early beginnings, he has held a clear concept of what ChemRite should be as a company, as a service provider, as an employer. He says he remembers standing on the footing of ChemRite’s walls looking at his vision become a reality. Like all new business owners, he wondered what the future would bring and knew the walls being built would play a large part in his dream’s success.

His vantage point now is quite different. Looking back on the years ChemRite has been in business, he currently has an award winning contract packaging facility with over 40 years of success to prove that he had the right plan. The plan has had to evolve over time. For example, when ChemRite began it focused on private label projects. Within a few years it became evident that the company needed to expand into the contract packaging field. The photo here was taken of Ron and ChemRite’s first office manager, Carol Harrison, discussing some of our first contract packaging projects.

Being a visionary means that Ron has never been content to stay with things exactly as they are. He has pushed his team to continually grow, to keep exceeding our customer’s expectations and to never rest on our laurels. We go on building from our original foundation – both literally and figuratively. Our main production facility remains on the foundation Ron watched be poured. Our corporate philosophy still rests soundly on the original foundation principle of integrity in business.

We are pleased that our visionary hasn’t slowed down. His sight holds an improved facility on the horizon. All of us here at ChemRite are excited to be a part of making this new vision a reality and look forward to sharing it with you each step of the way.

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