ChemRite CoPac, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of our new rotary volumetric timed-pressure filler, built by Pacific Packaging Machinery company. ChemRite teamed with Pacific to create a custom engineered filler that would surpass all industry standards in terms of versatility, speed and quality.

The finished machine far exceeded our expectations. This new filler is a one-of-a-kind, 16 head, “custom run” filler with unmatched accuracy, flexibility and durability. The filling accuracy is within +/- 1 gram during continuous running & stop/start operation. It has extremely flexible changeover capabilities, is able to fill 2 ounce to 1 Gallon containers, thin or thick viscosities, high or low foam products. This sanitary filling system also has clean in place capability. Since the installation of this new filler in May 2009, ChemRite has seen marked improvement in production efficiency, filling accuracy and scrap factors. In fact, the production line which this filler was installed on hasn’t been below 90% production efficiency since the day it was installed. This new rotary filler is part of a continuous improvement process that ChemRite adheres to in demonstrating our commitment to our customers.

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