ChemRite CoPac, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has recently expanded its packaging capabilties by adding new micro-dosing pumps and fill heads to the ChemRite production facility. This new equipment is capable of filling packages as small as 1 ml in size at outstanding levels of accuracy. ChemRite installed the new micro-dosing pumps and fill heads to support the product launch of a national brand which required extremely accurate dosing. Since the installation of the new pumps and fill heads in September 2010, ChemRite has seen accuracy fill levels up to .01 grams. The extraordinary flexibility of this new equipment is demonstrated in its ability to expand from 6-heads down to 1 or 2 fill head capacity for short runs or pilot projects. In addition, ChemRite’s skilled engineers custom fabricated larger nozzles for the new fill heads, which are capable of filling up to 8oz. package sizes and accomodate the demand for rapid line change overs.

The PEEK construction of the new pumps make them ideal for producing high/low pH, liquid, gel or lotion products. The micro-dosing pumps and fill heads run in conjunction with a new capper which was purchased earlier this year. The new state of the art capper contains a torque monitoring screen which allows the operator to print a detailed history of recent torque readings. The capper also contains a reject station for torque readings which do not meet exact project specifications. ChemRite’s production staff has seen outstanding efficiency rates with the addition of the new pumps and fill heads. The fill line which contains this new equipment is rated to run at 100 BPM (bottles per minute). However, it is currently running at 110 BPM and has the potential to be run at a rate as high as 150 BPM. These new micro-dosing pumps and fill heads are an example of ChemRite’s continuous improvement process, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to our customers and their production needs.

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