ChemRite CoPac, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a ground-breaking in-line filler, manufactured by Oden Corporation. ChemRite teamed with Oden to custom engineer a dual lane, step driven, in-line filler. The filler is the first of it’s kind in the world, using patented high speed fill nozzle technology to allow an in-line filler to achieve speeds approaching those of a rotary filler while attaining pharmaceutical grade accuracy. The extreme flexibility of this filler is demonstrated in it’s ability to expand from 8-Heads to 16-Heads, or be custom regulated to 1 to 2 fill head capacity for short runs or pilot projects.

In addition, the filler will run thin, thick, foamy or high alcohol content products, in 1oz. to 1 1/2 gallon containers and is capable of both long and short production runs. An Allen Bradley PC Controller allows the filler operator individual bottle monitoring and quick line set up. In accordance with ChemRite’s safety and sanitization protocols, it is NEMA Class 4 explosion proof, constructed of 316L stainless steel with full enclosures and is integrated with a CIP cleaning system for cleaning and sanitization. With the installation of the new filler in April 2010, ChemRite has enhanced it’s capabilities in product filling accuracy and efficiency rates as never before. The new in-line filler is an example of ChemRite’s continuous improvement process, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to our customers.

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