In August 2010, ChemRite CoPac launched the CRCP E-Newsletter as part of our world class customer service program. For years, ChemRite’s management team planned to develop an improved channel for consistently communicating the continuous improvements taking place within the company to our valued customers and vendors. Technology made the ideal tool available – an E-Newsletter which could be easily distributed to all of ChemRite’s business partners. This electronic bulletin, along with our customer survey program, has met our original goal of creating an enhanced interaction between the key players in the contract manufacturing process.

During the first year of publication, the CRCP E-Newsletter has covered many subjects of interest, including ChemRite’s equipment purchases and upgrades, process improvements, quality control enhancements and technical skill developments. The newsletter has also provided an increased awareness of ChemRite’s range of capabilities in our “Did You Know…” articles. In addition, it has presented a personal introduction to many of ChemRite’s key team members in our “Meet…” articles. This feature has notably become the newsletter’s most read article, proving that those in our industry find our employees as important to our ongoing success as we do.

Since the CRCP E-Newsletter began, ChemRite’s team has seen a significant increase in customer and vendor feedback. We would like to thank all of our newsletter readers for their positive response. Your continuing interest helps us to plan with your goals in mind and move forward for our mutual success. We invite your continued feedback, as well as suggestions for future articles or survey topics. You may do so by contacting any ChemRite representative or emailing us at

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