Here at ChemRite CoPac, all of our systems and processes have been designed and executed with a focus on protecting the products we make, delivering those products with exceptional standards of quality and providing a safe environment for our employees and visitors. With this in mind, as of September 2010, ChemRite has installed an enhanced facility access control system at our main production facility and two warehouse facilities.

The new electronic access lock system provides additional security measures to enforce ChemRite’s facility access control policies. facility-access-picChemRite’s management team chose this specific electronic access lock system due to its impressive range of capabilities, high recommendations and the fact that it is currently being used successfully in various banks and other high security environments. This improved admittance system ensures that only active ChemRite employees have access to each of our facilities and are only granted access to the specific areas in which they work.

Each employee has been assigned a unique 4-digit access code that must be entered at all entry points and between secured areas within the facility. The electronic access system is strictly monitored by our safety director. The director communicates with the locks through an infra-red device which links to a secured netbook. The safety director is able to examine various detailed activity reports and audit trails from the 30,000 most recent lock events. These useful audit trails may reveal if someone has tried to gain unapproved access to an area of the facility. If an individual access code has been breached or compromised in any way, the matter is investigated, the code is abandoned and a new access code may be assigned to the user. In addition, the lock system is battery operated and is thus capable of being used in the event of a power loss.

In connection with this improved facility access system, ChemRite recently implemented an improved visitor policy. The policy maintains that all visitors must enter through the designated reception area at ChemRite’s main production facility. They are required to sign a visitor’s log, and will be issued a visitors badge which must be worn at all times while inside the facility. Visitors must be escorted through the facility by an approved ChemRite CoPac employee. In addition, all visitors must wear proper safety equipment while in the production area.

As an FDA regulated facility, we take seriously our responsibility to keep our customer’s proprietary formulation information secure and ensure that their products remain at the highest quality level possible. We are confident that ChemRite’s enhanced facility access control system and visitor procedure will continue to provide peace of mind to our valued customers. Yet another example of ChemRite’s continuous improvement process, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to our customers and their production needs.

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