One of the interesting aspects of what we do here at ChemRite CoPac is the human connection to the products we manufacture. Most of the products we package can be found at local retailers where we see everyday shoppers purchasing them. There is a deep satisfaction in watching someone purchase a high quality product and knowing you had a part in bringing it to them. But it also carries a weighty responsibility to ensure that each product is produced in a manner that safeguards the consumer’s safety and well being.

Federal agencies have put laws in place to protect consumers. These laws require that every area of a production facility meets regulated standards of maintenance, cleanliness and safety. However, at ChemRite CoPac, we take this responsibility a step further. We don’t wait for an external audit process to correct potential facility or quality issues. We have created our own extensive 352-Point Facilities Compliance Review (FCR) which leaves no corner of our production facility without scrutiny. This extra measure confirms that ChemRite’s facilities and quality control procedures are always in compliance with federal guidelines.

While a federal level general facility audit is performed every 2 years, ChemRite’s FCR audit is performed by our Compliance Officer at benefits-of-fcr1least once a month. The FCR audit form outlines each area of ChemRite’s main facility, warehouses and grounds. Each area is then followed by a detailed list of inspection items – the current list contains 352 points of inspection. The scope of these inspection items vary from ensuring the carpeting in the office areas are clean and in good repair to more intense quality issues such as making certain that our mix tanks are clean, undamaged and free of debris.

Any areas which are found to be “non-compliant” are outlined on the FCR audit form and a separate Facilities Compliance Review Non-Compliance Summary Report, or NCR report, is filled out for each infraction. The NCR report details the non-compliance infraction along with suggested corrective action and a date for the corrective action to be completed. Non-compliance issues are tracked until the corrective action is completed. As part of ChemRite’s continuous improvement process, non-compliance issues may trigger a self-improvement project (SIP), which could be in the form of a procedure or facilities modification/upgrade.

Some may consider this process to be excessive, but at ChemRite, we keep the human connection to what we do clearly in mind. Our customers deserve nothing less then an excessive attention to quality protocols which protect their brand name and reputation. The end consumer deserves outstanding quality products which not only provide the results promised, but also ensure the well being of their family. The lives we touch deserve ChemRite’s intensive level of dedication to quality, including our 352-Point Facilities Compliance Review. Please contact a ChemRite representative today to learn more about the FCR audit process and the other components of our Quality Assured program.

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