With the installation of our new inventory control system, ChemRite’s team is enjoying the countless advantages it has brought to the company internally. But how does this enhancement benefit our valued customers? To answer, this month’s CRCP E-Newsletter focuses on the specific areas in which our customers are already noticing great improvement.

Perhaps the most dramatic advantage of the new electronic system is the availability of “real-time” inventory accuracy. Since the new system’s installation, there has been a marked decrease in count discrepancies. Customers and ChemRite team members are experiencing an increased confidence level in the inventory numbers our electronic system provides. This improved trust has led to many customer benefits. For instance, when a customer requests an inventory count on a specific item, ChemRite’s team is able to provide an accurate number within moments. These “real-time” numbers also provide a more dependable base for purchasing accuracy. They allow ChemRite’s team to maintain inventory stock within 10% of production requirements, which in turn, eliminates production “hiccups” due to a shortage of component inventory. This is an obvious benefit to customers who need to meet rapid turn around requirements on finished good demands.

Since a great deal of ChemRite’s inventory is customer owned, many customers perform an end of year, on-site, inventory audit.customer-benefit-highlights The installation of the improved inventory control system has streamlined the audit process. When a customer representative arrives at ChemRite’s facilities, they receive a detailed map of ChemRite’s warehouses. They also receive a current inventory report which lists each of the customer’s inventoried items, the quantity of the item and its bin location. Bin locations are clearly marked throughout the facilities. Using the warehouse maps and inventory report allows customer representatives to easily find and verify physical inventory, reducing overall audit time. Many customers have already commented on the difference these changes have made to the audit process. They have also seen a noteworthy improvement in annual inventory variances.

A further customer benefit is that ChemRite is now able to offer enhanced inventory reporting mechanisms which can be customized to each of our customer’s specific needs. Customers can choose to receive an inventory report showing a detailed history of inventory usage, scrap and adjustments within any given time period. This report can also provide the gain/loss factors for each component. ChemRite’s goal is to stay within a 2% gain/loss factor. Any item which shows a discrepancy greater then 2% is investigated and an explanation is given to the customer. Increased reporting flexibility allows inventory reports to be run by either customer or ChemRite part numbers. Customers may also request cycle count reports to be run daily, monthly or at the end of a run. We encourage each of our customers to speak with one of ChemRite’s representatives about choosing the inventory reporting method best for your use.

World class service is more then a catch phrase at ChemRite CoPac. It is at the heart of everything we do. Every improvement we make is driven by the desire to exceed our customer’s expectations. We are confident that our customers will see the outstanding benefits of our new inventory control system for years to come.

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