In the world of contract manufacturing there is a great deal of inventory movement. From the moment material arrives at a warehouse or production facility, it may be moved dozens of times. So what happens if a specific component needs to be tracked? Is it possible to find a particular item once it has been used within a finished good?

At ChemRite CoPac, we realize that there are many scenarios in which our customers value the ability to track materials. With this in mind, our comprehensive lot control program has been designed to provide detailed tracking capabilities for all raw materials, packaging components, formulas and finished goods. The fact that ChemRite operates on full lot control means that every single item which arrives at our warehouse is assigned a unique lot number from the moment it is received. In many cases, raw material and packaging component suppliers assign lot numbers to material before it arrives at ChemRite. In these scenarios ChemRite continues to use the same lot numbers that the supplier has assigned to the material.

Each lot code is tracked electronically within ChemRite’s operating system, ChemPax VB. When the material is received in ChemRite’s warehouse, qualified warehouse personnel enter the receipt in ChemPax VB. ChemPax VB requires that a lot number be entered for each receipt entered. A bar coded pallet placard is then printed which is attached to the physical material. From that point on, each time the material is moved into a new location, it is electronically tracked by the material’s product number, lot number, receipt date and corresponding quantity. This electronic tracking method makes it possible for ChemRite to trace material in a timely and efficient manner.

Vital lot codes continue to follow material through the production process. Take for example, an individual raw material which is scheduled to be used in production. In order to be stored in ChemRite’s warehouse, the raw material receives an assigned lot number as outlined above. When it is time for the raw to be used in production, the raw material lot number is precisely linked to a formula batch slip at the time the raw is being added to a mix. The formula batch is also assigned its own distinct lot code for further tracking purposes. As the formula is consumed during the finished good production process, the formula lot code is meticulously recorded as part of that finished good batch. Finished good batches receive their own unique lot number as well. When the finished good is shipped from ChemRite’s facility, finished good lot numbers are recorded on the shipping manifest. Strictly assigning identifiable lot numbers at each step of the production process allows ChemRite to track down the original raw material, as well as the exact formula and finished good production it was used in.

From a material recall to usage inquiries to finished good shipments, the ability to track specific materials is an invaluable tool. ChemRite’s lot control process ensures that our team is able to provide our customers with the exact information they need, in the time frame that they need it in. We invite you to contact a ChemRite representative today to learn more about ChemRite’s ability to track specific materials or any of our inventory control procedures. 262.255.3880

  • Every item at ChemRite receives a unique lot number
  • Whenever possible ChemRite uses supplier assigned lot numbers
  • Lot numbers are electronically tracked throughout the warehouse storage and production process
  • Material lot numbers are linked to formula or finished good batch slips
  • Formula batches receive their own lot numbers which are later recorded as part of the finished good batch
  • Finished good batches receive an individual lot number which are later recorded on the final shipping manifest
  • Any material can be back-tracked to the original state it was received in at ChemRite
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