On December 15, 2009, ChemRite CoPac, Inc. was a proud recipient of the “Power Partner Award for 2009″ from Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin. This designation was established in 2005 to recognize companies that demonstrate commitment to the Goodwill mission by providing substantial, ongoing work opportunities for people with diabilities or disadvantages. Goodwill stated that “ChemRite has repeatedly shown that it values social accountability and corporate responsibility by investing in the community”.

In his acceptance of the award, Ron Whitt of ChemRite CoPac thanked Goodwill for their outstanding service levels over the 20+ years of doing business together and highlighted the fact that there had not been a single quality issue or reject over that period of time. He emphasized this is an accomplishment unprecedented and something that Goodwill should be quite proud of. Mr. Donald Driver or the Green Bay Packers was the key note speaker and shared comments regarding the mission of Goodwill Industries and the positive impact that this organization has on its’ participants lives and the community as a whole. ChemRite CoPac is proud to be a partner with Goodwill Industries.

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