In recent years, many businesses have adopted lean manufacturing practices in an effort to increase profitability and productivity, and remove waste and variation from their processes. Research has shown that the key to success in implementing lean manufacturing principles in any organization is to foster a culture of continuous improvement within its company culture, quality focus, lean thinking and customer satisfaction.

At ChemRite CoPac, we not only adhere to a corporate culture of continuous improvement and endeavor to eliminate waste from our own production process, but we also strive to help our customers achieve their lean manufacturing goals. ChemRite’s processes can enable you to do more with less, reducing costs while increasing productivity and delivering greater value to your customers.

For example, ChemRite operates on a pull-through inventory system. This reduces the need for unnecessary inventory storage and warehouse space. The result is that we are able to take out the leveraged overhead in the mix, fill and Q.A. charge of each price proposal, which in turn, cuts down the piece price on every single bottle we run… whether it be ten thousand or ten million.

Of course, reducing wasteful inventory levels challenges ChemRite to strictly monitor all inventory procurement, movement and storage. ChemRite’s skilled procurement department daily meets this challenge as they provide turnkey, toll or modified toll purchasing capabilities to our valued customers. They review upcoming production needs on a daily basis, diligently ensure that all inventory arrives within 3 days of the production demand and manage the quantity of inventory being delivered so that it is within the percentage of allowable inventory overage. Although a customer may choose to do their component purchasing in-house, ChemRite’s purchasing specialists continue to follow the procurement process to fulfillment and monitor that all inventory arrives in order to maintain the most efficient production possible.

Once inventory arrives at ChemRite’s facility, it is tracked by lot number with computer access to each lot number’s location and auditing capabilities which display where and when a lot number has been used. ChemRite’s lot controlled inventory procedure assures that all inventory is consumed in harmony with FIFO (first in, first out) procedures and eliminates mismanagement of inventory. In addition, ChemRite’s dedicated team provides customized reporting of all inventory activity, based on customer requirements.

ChemRite’s pull-through inventory system is just one example of our focus on reducing waste, while providing premium quality products and value. We invite you to learn more about how ChemRite daily helps companies to achieve their lean manufacturing goals and see a money-saving reality which can be passed on to their customers. Call us today. 262.255.3880.

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